Paul Reed Smith Guitars

PRS is a pretty new company -- a bit more than 25 years.  
But in that time they've become one of the premier high end guitar makers in the world.
Their great instruments have great workmanship and distinctive tones.
Many well-known guitarists use PRS.

The following information comes from the PRS website.

From the Makers of Paul Reed Smith

Our Mission Statement

Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery. We are devoted to the guitar's rich heritage while committed to new technologies that will enrich our products with uncompromised tone, playability and beauty. Our success depends on our ability to listen, implement positive change and continually refine our craft.

Believing this, we strive to build the best guitars and guitar products possible and to serve our employees, customers, suppliers and community with distinction.


Paul Smith and Tom Wheeler on the past, present and future of PRS Guitars.



The craftsmen and women at PRS are a unique bunch. We have a passion for building instruments and also for the music that these instruments help create. Most here are dedicated players, refining our craft as builders and musicians. There is a special kind of pride and individual ownership surrounding our instruments. Guitar and amplifier building are very personal things here, which are directly reflected in our quality.

Our quality is also a result of our traditions. We act deliberately, paying attention to every step of the process down to the smallest components of our products. When touring the factory, the amount of work and dedication that goes into each one of our guitars and amplifiers is apparent. No detail is overlooked from the curing of tonewoods to “tap-testing” tubes in our amp line. We created this element of our website to give you an inside look at our processes and our family – we believe a closer look than ever before.

A guitar’s personality should be felt the moment it is picked up, and an amplifier should make the guitar ring out and speak to you from the very first note. We strive to make our instruments as comfortable as an old friend. Partnered with PRS quality, our guitars and amps become musical instruments—tools of creativity for fellow musicians. Take a minute to tour around the factory and meet some of the people behind PRS.