Welcome to guitars.ingberman.com

Looking for the 1013 band page?  Its http://1013theband.com
Hi, I am Dan Ingberman.  Welcome to my guitar collection.  

This site shows my guitars purchased over the last 20 years or so while playing in my bands Shake, RND, 1013, and now, CROOKED FLOWER.  

Crooked Flower has a new EP: check it out.  


1013 has a new disk, called "The Clever Eleven" and you can find it on Google Play (search for the artist "1013") or at 


Just a few of my guitars are shown on this page.  The rest can be viewed by clicking on the links to the left. 

Obviously I have purchased quite a few guitars over the years.  And obviously I really like certain brands of guitars.  (Hopefully they won't object to my referencing their trademarks on this site!)

I'm not in the guitar business.  Very infrequently, I do sell a guitar.  I have quite a few.  If I'm willing to sell a guitar at all, its priced at my replacement cost, including tax and shipping.  

FINE PRINT: I'm not a guitar dealer and not authorized to sell any brand of guitar.  On this site I've referenced guitar makers as well as retailers that I like and respect.  However, I'm not authorized to use any of the trademarks mentioned here, which are the property of the trademark holders.  Of course, I hope that no one minds -- I only have positive things to say!