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-SG Robot--SOLD

This is my state of art Gibson SG Robot. Serial #024680492.

This guitar is essentially mint. Its beautiful.  Besides that, it really plays great.

The action on this guitar is a bit higher than most of my other guitars, and it has heavy guage strings, better for rocking out. The the neck has a Rosewood fretboard. The body is a classic Gibson SG body with a Tobacco finish.       

This guitar has Gibson's Robotic tuning heads, meaning you can adjust between several different tunings, and even create your own. It is the ultimate guitar for players who like to play in open tunings, as well as just creating new sounds and chords. It also is just great for live shows in which you never have to stop and tune...all you have to do is activate the tuning knob, and just watch as this guitar tunes itself in seconds. 

Gibson SG Robot