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I'm sorry, this guitar is not for sale.

This is my vintage 1977 Gibson Maurader. Serial #279864. Sorry, this guitar is not available for purchase.

This guitar is used. The finish as well as the labels are slightly faded. On the back of the guitar finish is discolored, but nothing unexpected from a guitar of this vintage. There is also a bit of buckle rash. In terms of playing, the guitar sounds great.

The action is quick and responsive. The neck has a Rosewood fretboard, white dot inlays. The headstock comes equipped with Gibson Deluxe tuning heads. The body has a light gloss orange/yellow finish and a white pick guard.       

The neck on this guitar gets me everytime. This guitar is designed with a fat neck making it extremely easy to play chords. A great variety of sounds are available from the pickups and the volume/tone controls -- makes it easy to find that vintage Gibson resonant tone.