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Here is my Carvin LB70 4-String bass guitar. Serial #35543

This instrumemt has been part of my collection for almost 20 years. I bought this guitar new in 1993, and have kept it in almost mint condition for all that time.

This guitar plays like butter, and the Koa looks like new. It has tungoil neck through design that looks like one beautiful piece of wood.

There is a small amount of fretwear, and a bit of buckle rash, but for an almost 20 year old guitar, this guitar is in amazing shape.

The LB70 is Carvin's longest-running bass model, and is a mainstay of Carvin's bass lineup. This basic configuration debuted in 1988, and there was also an LB70 model as far back as the late 1970s. The LB70 active bass is built to the highest possible standards with features found only on high-end and boutique basses, without the boutique price. There are hundreds of available options on Carvin's LB70 bass, and because we sell direct to you, you can design a fully-custom USA-made bass at a price that can't be beat. The LB70 is more than just an instrument - it's a work of art that you'll be proud to play and own for a lifetime. 

The LB70 has an alder body and maple neck-through design, which means the neck runs the entire length of the instrument. This adds to the sustain and stability of the neck, and allows the LB70 to have a minimal neck heel. Alder is a high-quality tone wood used by many manufacturers because of it's relative light weight and and fine resonating tone and upper midrange definition. It's slightly darker in color than maple, which accentuates the LB70's neck. Alder also has a subtle and attractive grain that looks great in any of Carvin's many finishes, including solid colors, translucent finishes and our new metallic solid finishes. Although alder is the standard wood, optional woods such as swamp ash, maple, mahogany, walnut and koa are available, all of which have their own tonal characteristics. You can add premium top woods, such as AAAA flamed maple, AAAA quilted maple, or flamed koa. Our premium flamed and quilted tops can be finished in a variety of colors, including our optional deep triple step finishes. The deep triple step finishing process creates an almost three-dimensional effect on the top wood. In addition to the many different types of wood Carvin offers, you can choose to have the body edges fully radiused for additional playing comfort. 

Standard electronics consist of a pair of Carvin J99A alnico single coils with our 18V active/passive electronics module. Controls consist of volume, pickup blend, stacked concentric bass and high frequency, stacked concentric mid frequency and sweep. The push-pull volume control doubles as a switch to select active or passive mode. The new J99A pickups are our best "all around" pickups, and are suited for any style of music. Optional SP Series soapbar humbuckers provide additional mid-range punch and top-end definition with a deep, smooth bass response, while our HB Series humbuckers provide a fat, monstrous tone with excellent top-end clarity. For the ultimate in tone, you can add the P Series upgrade, which incorporates a Hipshot piezo bridge, individual amplifiers and trim pots for each  string, and a blend control to blend the piezo with the soapbar pickups. The P Series upgrade creates a warm acoustic tone which enables your LB70 to emulate an acoustic upright bass, and works in conjunction with any of our bass pickups. 

Carvin LB70

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