-C45 Natural Mahogany--SOLD

This is my rare Brian Moore C45. Serial #61973.
This guitar is rare mahogany and is no longer in production.

The action is quick and easy to play, the bolt in Mahogany neck is straight with a Rosewood fret board and white dot inlays, and the body is a smooth natural Mahogany tung-oil finish. 

The shape of this guitar feels great and comfortably fits your body as you play. It has two P-90 pick ups, a fixed bridge and one quarter inch output in the back which comfortably lays behind the straps. The P90s give you overall, a single coil feel and flavor but with higher output and A LOT more girth. The combination of the darker wood with these pickups puts it squarely between humbucker and single coil territory, definitely fatter than single coils, throaty and full, but not as dull as humbuckers.

This guitar is used. There is a quite bit of pick wear, fret wear, buckle rash and the tone control knob is not flush with the body. On the headstock there is a nick that can be re-finished. There is also some corrosion on the bridge and nicks on the side and back. Overall, this is definitely a player's guitar in "Good" to "Fair" condition. I am not the first owner. Other than that guitar sounds great and plays well.