Brian Moore Guitars

As you can tell, I really like Brian Moore Guitars!  
They play great, feel great, sound great, have great workmanship, and are both light and form fitting.  
Their President, Patrick Cummings, is one of the true innovators in this business.

The following information is copied from the Brian Moore website.
The Story Behind The Guitars (From Brian Moore)

Brian Moore was founded in 1992 as a manufacturer of high end, custom made electrics guitars, blending art with t
echnology.The first instrument design was the MC/1, a joint design effort between Brian Moore and Patrick Cummings, that featured an ergonomic neck thru design. It blended the strength and sustain of advanced composite material with the tone and beauty of wood.

The all wood C-series design came next and echoed many of the unique design elements of the flagship MC/1 such as the confort contoured top, sculpted headstock and the highest figured maple wood tops available.

Model C90 and the custom version with the Piezo (C90P) and synth access (C90P.13) are the top selling custom shop guitars today. Versatility is a key benefit and strength of the C-Series.

The DC/1 was developed next and features a set neck, 24 3/4" scale, confort contoured top, sculpted headstock and the highest figured maple wood tops. It is 'refined tradition'.

Only the highest figured maple tops and the finest components - Seymour Duncan Pickups, Sperzel Tuners, Wilkinson Vibratos, RMC piezo/synth systems are used on our guitars

Brian Moore embraces technology advances that offer every guitarist new and creative musical possibilities while preserving the look and feel of more traditional instruments.

Welcome to a family of guitars handcrafted in LaGrange, NY, where technology continues to meet art, resulting in a world of exciting tonal and visual possibilites